Portrait photography captures not only your images but also your personality, your mood, the story you want to tell...!

Whether for personal or professional use, your portrait, dynamic, tight or loose is capable of making the difference.

We can organize together your own photographic portrait, from social media profile photos, to professional use or lifestyle portraits.

Photoshooting can be done in any place you want, but also in our specially designed studio for even more specialized results.

Τ. +030 2310-900-185, F. +030 2310-900-185, M. +030 6977-387-879, 6945-315-578
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Τ. +030 2310-900-185
F. +030 2310-900-185
M. +030 6977-387-879, 6945-315-578
Agiou Spiridonos 5 Str. Zip 55337 Triandria Thessaloniki
Agiou Spiridonos 5 Str.
Zip 55337 Triandria
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Stelios pesketzis
Stelios Pesketzis
Magda Slouka
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